Mahlatse James Market Day

Street and rooftop markets have been a heaven of sorts for local street style photographers over the past few years. I too have snapped there too over a year ago when doing a project for Elle Magazine SA and I simply must say, some really interesting fashions have come out of these experiences. Daytime markets are a craze-slash-awesome social engagements and it is always entertaining to witness an assortment of fashion tribes trying to forge their distinct “signatures” all over the place –really funny stuff I say. That being said, I have always wondered if there is an existence of day market appropriate wear out there. I mean, if these are meant to be something of a downtime session in the sun where people get to indulge in open air cooked small person palm sized food portions and drinks with a vegetable twist pulled out of giant pastic packaging, why do some people still tower in the highest heels known to mankind and the shortest short skirts? It is all very confusing and near impossible to grapple down one trend at markets, hence I am not even going to advice. However, in these images shot at Cape Town’s crafty Green Market Square rounds up my idea of downtime outside of my town of residence –the ONLY time I will wear flip flops anywhere further than 50 metres from my front door. I won’t even get too much into the fact that each and every colour seen on the polka dot shirt is matched with the Ndebele beaded arm candy. *drops mic*

Mahlatse James Green Market Square Cape Town


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