May the fashion gods please keep beam in whatever direction Paledi Segapo aims for. I have been waiting for months to blog about this beautiful wave of optimism and growth on the local menswear front; I’m literally smiling from ear to ear as I type this. You see, I have always spotted at least one piece from Palse Homme’s runway collections and made sure to let the head designer know just how I would tweak it to fit into my walk-in. This seasonal “run through” did not only shift completely during South African Fashion Week’s Spring-Summer 2013 presentations, I fell so deep in it, I couldn’t even express my excitement to anybody. Not one person! This particular collection verified the power of persistence in this industry. For the first time since Paledi’s efforts as a showcasing solo designer, I WANT EVERY SINGLE item as paraded in an instillation style and curated by Aubrey Boshoga. The collective theme was an elevation of orientalism to fit a wide array of style requirements. In parts, this was expressed in fluid tailoring and such specific attention to details, some minor (yet very impactful) and some distinctly large, even for the non-fashion eye. I am beyond thrilled for the brand and from what I hear; Palse Homme has recently fuelled major delight vibes at Durban’s Fashion by the Sea. Now first, I simply must adopt that endearing pair of diagonally pleated ¾ pants.


Detail Mania

Detail Mania

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