Mahlatse James blue MJ AND STUFF 1

Yeah, blue is my colour. Every existing tint and shade of it gets me into a groove unlike any other colour known to mankind…or…erm…fashion people. This realisation has been building for a very long time and sometimes shoved way in the back of my head (and closet) only to be proved evident by images all over people’s blogs and facebook pages. The thing is; as a fashion person, the idea of committing to anything, be it a certain colour, shape, fabric or any particular type of style requires crazy amount of willpower and equal volumes of tact when delivering anything from a trend report, to briefs to reviews. Short tale nipped; an open mind and sound opinions are imperative. As it turns out, my fears of ever coming across as bias will just have to be met with limitless professionalism. If by some unknown turn of circumstance, you wonder which one I am in group pics, try to look for the one in blue and not even this pledge is set in stone. *winks* Do check out these seaside snaps of my blue pirate skull print tank’s rebuttal of blending into these fabulous backdrop hues and note how this blog post says absolutely NOTHING about summer.

Mahlatse James Blue 2 MJ AND STUFF

Mahlatse James in Blue Mj and stuff 3Mahlatse James Blue 4 MJ AND STUFF


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