Khwaza Tshinsela MJ AND STUFF

Let this be a style lesson to all the old-lady looking, thrift shopping “vintage”-loving fashion people. Referencing threads from a bygone era need not necessarily resemble a gypsy-like hoarder of clothing going through life almost as though you will lose directions upon an attempt to return. Nope. As much as excess and expressionism top my styling approaches ever so often, there is plenty of good in direct and less strident fashion.  In this pic, one of my newest favourite gals; Khwaza Tshisela –Fashion Intern at Drum Magazine exhibits a lady-like opulence which reigned paramount during eras emancipating women’s fashion. The cross-over décolletage detail highlights feminity just as much as the decadence in fabric of the dress, especially as it drapes tulip pleats descending from a nipped waist area. An ode to the 80s, Khwaza opted for no jewells, instead, allowing for a giant electric blue envelope clutch purse and pointed yellow pumps to bring in all the glam required. Iconic. Womanly. Referenced. She is a dream.


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