Goodness gracious, me being a liker of things and an overall over-thinker of situations, I went and leaped over an imaginary broom creating a little period movie in my head (neo-realism of course style) where Khwaza Tshisela stars as my muse. I mean, with all these signs… just the other day, I blogged about the scrupulousness with which she wore a retro chic outfit. Today I’m at it at again spinning around in full circles going crazy-mad over her take on a part grungy boyfriend style look. Once again Khwaza’s motif pays no never mind to whatever I ssaid to be in, she just rocks out in hard fashions making all of us industry people blush ferociously. Rolled-up roomy jean-pants flinging low on her waist and held tight by a masculine leather belt, paired with a washed out peach tone tank top and an oversized grey cardigan with cable-knit details denote a well thought outfit. I also just love that whilst cute and everything, she stands tall in high heels. Gosh, I am in a serious like here.


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