Carmel Fisher MJ AND STUFF

I love getting into conversations about fashion’s consistent affair with the animal fierceness. (no offence PETA), I used to never miss an opportunity to quote “Justin Suarez” (that fabulous fashion wonderkid character from Ugly Betty)’s brutal advice to his mother, saying that for as long as most animals don’t like each other out in the wild, they stand no chance topping fashion charts in pairs. I have nothing against print clashing and stuff, it just requires plenty attention paid to every detail; luxe fabric(s), meticulous cut, a banging body… it’s not for just anyone. For that reason alone, I will always recommend one’s visit to the wild side to be kept as minimal as possible, trust in your…ahem…animal’s capability be it a print or fabric, keep it as a focal point and do not try to contest against it. Gorgeous gal, Carmel Fisher wore her leopard print shoes and bag to match the personality she brought out last month at the launch of Stylista as seen here in these pics. She looks demure supreme and every bit lady-like, whilst showing off well informed knowledge as far as understanding good style is concerned. You see, if she had gone for these shoes and maybe a tan tote bag to pick up from the skinny waist belt, her outfit would have translated a half-a-story. It would have hinted a quickly coordinated situation and if she had added one more leopard print items, say a scarf around her neck or worn on her head, it could have easily translated OTT and not even in a good way. I am crazy about Carmel’s expedition to the wild side.



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