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Heavy headline, I know… but I am going to try my level best to avoid mentioning the obvious monochrome situation in these images here despite the incontrovertible FACT that it has been a huge part of my uniform in these past cooler months. I just keep thinking about the day we shot these. About how a whirlwind of emotions centred around an outfit put together in a grand total of 13 minutes. I will not delve into too much detail and splurge specifics but before that day, I had never in my entire colourful life experienced so much happiness, futility, creativity, minor lunacy, fury, love and puzzlement. This probably reads as though I am stitching pieces of my heart off my sleeves, trust; I am simply trying share yet another attestation to the way my expression is communicated through my number one passion… FAAASHION DAAHLING. Now, about the clothes; these I picked based on my navigations for the day. As you can tell from the backdrop, I flirted with the streets of Melville for a few clicks of some grown up juice in flutes, so practicality (check jeans, satchel and kicks!) was imperative. Conversation pieces were not to be tampered with (hello giant big metal ring amongst relics…). I wore classic “MJ” gear (I mean, a festooned fedora plus oversized shirt?) too.  The focal point was definitely this striped retro lycra and knit jumper with massive shoulder pads and I stretched the neckline to relax the edgy details for a stronger less angular blade line. Over sharing? Self Indulgent? Perhaps. But in case there is a wonder fluttering about; I FASHION ALL DAY LONG. ALL DAY, EVERYDAY I SAY!


South African fashion Blogger MAHLATSE JAMES MJ AND STUFF


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