I have seen people rocking trends and working them really good. As much as I understand the necessity of getting into character and utilising one’s wardrobe to the max, I don’t think a lot of people know how not lose their personality traits and still look striking whilst fashioning hard. Miss Athi in this pic is a perfect example of how to wear your clothes and not the other way around. I could be saying this because I have known her for a while and can attest that she is a lovely person around the clock. To support this motion, when I photographed her for these shots, she is wearing her signature hearty smile alongside an outfit made of hits. From the bottom up, her brocade court heels mismatched with fitted lace-top Capri pants could have possibly been enough for most people. To extend her character, she wore a black, felt slack-collar jacket with quilted leatherette sleeves and zipper details alongside a lily-white textured blouse. I love that her statement bag, is not showy at all. She kept it muted with an average sized brown clutch purse with a strap placed horizontal across each end, enabling her to slip her hand in for a firm hold. Nobody can deny that she is #WERQing it.

*side note* I don’t understand why she is always so shy when I aim in her direction with a camera. Love her madly!


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