Durban Fashion young designers Fair Mahlatse James

There is very little I adore quite like witnessing a young designer’s promising blossom. One of the most exciting components of the Durban Fashion Fair is the platform afforded to emerging designers. This year’s “Fab Four” showcased such a variety of well made fashions, proving once again that the future of good quality garments hails from the east coast. There were definitely a few styling issues, you know, the whole no belts on the runway vibe –I never could quite get that. Anyway, these young’ins had their detail-mania down to a T forging a sound signature for their collections. I have picked a few notable details from each… check it.

Durban Fashion Fair Jaqui Emmanuel MJ AND STUFF

First on the runway, we saw Jacqui Emmanuel who directed herself-titled label towards gun powder hues and vampy blacks. At first I thought of the shape to be a bit irregular then I realised how great attention was paid to her usage of layered lace, bondage-esque details, hints of skin and wider cuts.  The lace I found quirky and an exciting addition onto beanies, cover-ups on bits of exposed skin and layered atop zip-up jackets.

Durban Fashion Fair Sanele Cele Tempracha MJ AND STUFF

All of us out-of-towners LOVED Sanele Cele’s Tempracha. DFF was his first ever runway showcase and nobody can dare deny that he is an absolute breath of fresh air and a definite MUST WATCH brand. His collection had relatable street style elements far from the usually overly top-stitched rubbish. Every piece could literally sell right off the runway and my eyes are set firmly on his inclusion of ornate details on blazers, parkas, drawstring Trailmaster style jackets and bags.

Durban Fashion Fair Modesta by Pinky Dlamini mj and stuff

Modesta by Pinky Dlamini had more than a royal “African touch”, this collection boasted everthing said to be wanted by an African woman. The injection of traditional SeShweshwe print alongside contemporary designs was a definite winning strike.  Simplicity reigned supreme, as far as the design aspect of this collection is concerned but the skills in perfect workmanship counters all of that. Retro, Africana and well made.

Durban Fashion Fair Mthokozisi Ntaka MJ AND STUFF

Last to showcase under the young designers banner was Mothokozisi Ntaka whose menswear label; Randevour concentrated on yet impactful details. We deemed it “marketable” and “more retail than runway” but if you look at his styling from a regional point of view, I think he did well, introducing minor details into wardrobes that definitely already exist. A bit of starry sparkle draped on the shoulder, patent leatherette add-ons and a selection of pants in vegetable colours. This man thinks.

On you mark... Get Fashioned... STRUT!!!

On you mark… Get Fashioned… STRUT!!!

Breaking into fashion (especially as a designer) is not an easy feat, however, I can almost declare that these guys and girls have something going on for them and it is all in the details.

*images from SDR Ramp pics*


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