Before you go ahead and allege that I either have attachment issues or am big on contradicting myself, let me please just state that I am a hoarder of note. Yes, I hoard blog posts (among many other things) for reasons unknown to mankind. Especially blog posts about me *jumps for the halo*. Until this morning, I thought I would probably never blog these images because not only were they shot freehand in the dark –all because I wanted nothing, but the brick backdrop- on my way to a friend’s birthday dinner a while ago (hence the gift bag), the wardrobe is a little too heavy for a person who has been Tweeting “Spring this… spring that… blah-blah-blah”. One of the items yanked from the bottom of a storage place is this is this mustard sports-luxe coat. Having had it for over a year, I finally thought it would be fitting worn with the resurrected meggings, a luckyboy button-up Tee and an understated pair of Alexandra McQueen for PUMA High-tops. My newest obsession is this blooming rose print Swede & Crowe peak cap, THE SIR bought it at NICEFIND and I foresee many funziments with it. I’m not sure how many more items I’ll be reeling out of my hoard pit in the coming few weeks… be warned; they will only be worn when I’m STYLIN’ HARD, IN THE DARK.

Mahlatse Meggings South African Fashion Bloggers

South African Bloggers Mahlatse James for PUMA



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