MJ AND STUFF South African Street Style

Saying that menswear’s popularity is currently having a run at a speed possible to shame light would be a sick understatement. Men’s fashion (from a global perspective that is) keeps peaking and it is always thrilling to sometimes move in circles alongside people who advocate proper sartorial missions. Teddy Nkode is my go-to bloke about style, every time he updates pics of his thread tactics on thestylista.co.za I turn all shades of happiness. I think Teddy continues to fashion hard, even in his sleep. I swear I have seen him tear down bounds in the most topical of pieces and just when you think he is settled with ideas of thunderously expressionistic garments, he brings it back many notches through investment pieces. His look in this pic is more of a tongue-out moment, serving seriously Edu-fashioned realness. One can’t possibly fault his juxtaposition of clean lines VS grungy elements, worn sans an attitude. I think I can stretch as far as claiming that a great deal of success tales within local menswear movements is owed to his kind…


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