Francis Buseko Mubanga MJ AND STUFF

There is an interesting denim fit currently blowing me up. It could be because I am just coming off winter, so there are lesser interesting parts of me that need to be well camouflaged until I can dare roll up hemlines above my knee –all that soup consumption! Anywho, yes, back to it; as part of the budding Mahlatse James 2.0, I have developed a fondness for a specific fit as far as wearing my jeanpant is concerned. I’ve always seen people prancing around wearing jeans almost sagging but not in the disgusting widen-and-waddle kind of steps, no, none of that, my current penchant for non cling-wrap fitting jeans grew stronger when I saw model and a good friend of mine; Francis Buseko Mubanga as seen in this pic. There is something quite boyishly stylish about this fit. Something marking a well fashioned vibe and definitely something very fitting to go with my current phase…


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