Mahlatse James for PUMA Desert Boots

What would be the point of wearing a good pair of desert boots (A.K.A Vellies) if you are not going to pull off a FitzPatrik from Jock of the Bushveld and serve some serious wilderness realness!? Erm, well, I wouldn’t know because whenever I wear mine, I end up nowhere near the bushveld, despite my missions to trial my first pair through all sorts of “adventures” –trying to give them character. My second pair of Vellies (had my first as a hoodratting kid) just so happens to be from PUMA’s Wilderness Collection which supports FAIRTRADE through socially sustainable and eco-friendly operations. The thing is; as much I think Safari fashion can be styled in the craziest most amazing ways, I am not really much of a wilderness person, I need my deafening hooting, hollering, hustles and bustles to get by. So I keep on styling my Vellies to suit my life. A perfect example is in these shots as I paired the boots with roomier jeans from Wrangler, a lengthier vest from RELIGION Clothing and that trusted printed blazer from MSC Boutique’s Vintage rail. I tried my level best to avoid any opportunity that would suggest specific references… it’s all about balance and I might not be anywhere near meter high reeds and thistles, but darn it, I #WERQ these booties!

Mahlatse James Fashion Blogger MJ AND STUFF PUMAMahlatse James wearing Vellies



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