Mokgadi Seabi Burberry Prorsum lace MJ AND STUFF

Let’s face it; the royal novelty of #WhoWoreWhat is kind of threading off. Chances of walking into a party spot and throbbing waif waists with people wearing pieces just like you are ten-fold better than getting refill at a bangle’s bang on the bar. There is no trick to avoiding it, if anything; an admirable personality and smart styling go a long way in this particular regard. That being said, the loudest wolf whistles shall be directed towards people rocking trends way before the hype reaches an altitude. It is no doubt that Grazia South Africa’s Associate Editor, Mokgadi Seabi knows her threads and has a thing for flipping the style envelope to infinite heights, she does it with such greatly calculated method, the results of which is always beyond awesome. Last week at the launch of Joho’s newest rooftop club; ELEVATE, Mokgadi took the sheer trend and went with it where fashion should be aiming. The minute an image of her in a black lace skirt over a mid1940s’ bikini bottom style shorts worn with a sheer blouse from ASOS, hit the interwebs, THE SIR and I howled like the light fixture in our inner city apartment was the moon. Leap to a the most recent praiseworthy showcase by Burberry Prorsum at the freshly wrapped London Fashion Week and it is almost as though Christopher Bailey and Mokgadi Seabi held hands, together walked down the valley of good style and had a jolly old time discussing the important presence of all things sheer and lacey from here onwards. This right here is a classic case of an innate sense of fashioning, proving once again that forward thinking (or forward styling, as in this regard) should be always be received with gratitude… nice work you two!

Burberry Prorsum Spring 2014 Mokgadi Seabi MJ AND STUFF



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