I think every blogger keen on street style features would agree that sometimes this exercise is no easy feat.  It involves hunting down well dressed people and often a bit of courage to convince them that taking pics of their looks is really because you appreciate evident efforts to fashion in a topical manner. –trust me; some people get a little weird when a camera flashes in their direction… bizarre I tell you. There are certain occasions when some of these subjects’ sartorial choices just seem organic and far from self-absorbed, yet incredibly stunning and one would be foolish to miss out on it. One of the good examples is this pretty girl I photographed at the Durban Fashion Fair last month. I understand that for some, this might just seem like a beautiful girl going about her business with a smile that could light up the darkest of arenas. Truth is, even though her fashioning ways don’t come across as in-your-face kind of fab (if this pic is anything to go by), her presence is highly observable and that is such an inspirational approach to personal style. I went crazy for the renaissance print 1960s style blouse she wore with that curly afro hair-do and that black laser cut neckpiece. I love that instead of a “constumey” vintage look, her style on that day could be relatable on many levels. Is she a street style blogger’s dream? Without a doubt.




  1. Don’t know why but lately, minimalist styling just gets me smiling. Its fascinating to see what some people can do with the little beautiful items they have to give an amazing outfit.

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