Mahlatse James wearing Alexander McQueen for PUMA Sneakers

I’ve never been one to quite bumper sticker writings squiggles; still, I can’t help it but co-sign to a belief that this whole growing up business should have come with a manual. I am having one of those weeks where survival is dependent on thoughts about wishing to split myself into as many pieces as possible. I am have committed to more than a handful of check-ins, heck some days call for 3 plus. Don’t get me wrong; I am not whining, no ma’am I am far from complaining, I chose this fashionpolitan business. Funny story, this so happens to be one of the weeks when my family is going through a “we miss you MJ” vibe and I just can’t help but chuckle whenever I respond with one of my mom’s trusted pay-off lines; she would always tell you that she is truly busy, busy, busy, just before she left you having to deal with a dialling tone in your handset. Classic, that lady. One other challenge about this busy, busy, busy state is the motivation to continue stylin’ hard and these pics here remind of the last time I felt this way. This outfit was put together a while back for a friend’s birthday dinner party and it came together quite well I must say. So let this be a lesson;  considerable stylin’ should never be compromised, despite how busy, busy, busy one may be.

Mahlatse James South African Blogger Alexander McQueen for PUMA MJ AND STUFF

Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF


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