Ever met the ghost of sartorial excellence? Okay maybe that’s stretching it a bit but I think I have experienced the rare engulf from a moment twixt me, camera and (an unknown) man. In less than a minute, I managed to spot, aim, blink (the biggest mistake of my life) and miss a pretty brilliant shot. Let me explain; on a recent people-watching expedition, I saw a stylopolitan with a cause, clad in pale jean pants, a steel blue biker jacket with erect collars and grey loafers standing between pillars on a sidewalk pavement and seemingly gazing at something extraordinary through his darker than dark frame wayfarers, I removed my lens cap to try and make the absolute best out of the only possible angle I could photograph this far from common bloke and the next  thing I knew; somebody tapped on my shoulder to claim an air kiss or something the ten seconds I dared to turn an entire 180 degree angle cost me my focus. The bloke had disappeared into an untraceable oblivion upon my returning swing and it was at the very moment when I wanted nothing beyond dropping down like a noodle and swivel in trapeziums all over the ground. I kept pointing out into a blunt and empty space until it dawned on me that maybe that dude was mine to miss that and if anything, I have learned to not only always seize every opportunity to spot, aim and shoot (in that order) but in a case beyond my control, I should at least remain believing in fashioning ghosts!



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