Agyness Deyn for Dr Martens

I STAND FOR LOVE. I STAND FOR STYLE. I STAND FOR CONTROLLED FUN. I STAND FOR FREEDOM. I STAND FOR NEWNESS. I STAND FOR TECHNOLOGY. I STAND FOR LAUGHTER. I STAND FOR FAMILY. I STAND FOR HISTORY. I STAND FOR THE TRUTH. I STAND FOR PEACE. I STAND FOR EDUCATION. I STAND FOR LIFE. I STAND FOR THE SUN. I STAND FOR A PERSONALITY. I STAND FOR EMOTIONAL WEALTH. I STAND FOR GOOD HEALTH. I STAND FOR CLEAR EXPRESSION. I STAND FOR HYGENE. I STAND FOR MUSIC. I STAND FOR PLAYING. I STAND FOR THE FUTURE. I STAND FOR RELIGION. I STAND FOR MOBILITY. I STAND FOR COMMUNICATION. I STAND FOR GROWTH. I STAND FOR AFRICA. I STAND FOR HARD WORK. I STAND FOR PASSION. I STAND FOR NATURE. I STAND FOR REALITY. I STAND FOR CONNECTIVITY. I love it when the truth is expressed through fashion, that way one can one a piece of passion for as long as they want to. Agyness Deyn’s newest collab with Dr Martens is centred around the plea to #StandForSomething –a fashion mission beautifully accomplished.  I picked out a few detailed pieces from the collection (as one does) that I feel would best represent some of the things I stand for. I want all of these, from the magenta and black briefcase to the textured vellies, to the buffalo plaid shirt with buckle sleeves to the contrasting collared shirt with teapot embroidery. A serious conversation needs to be had about these black T-bar Mary Janes…

Agyness Deyn for Dr Martens Stand for Something MJ AND STUFFThe collection is available to purchase HERE.


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