Mxolisi Luke of House of Luke MJ AND STUFF MONOCHROME

Anybody who can rock the heck out of monochromatic vibes and not even look like they are trying too hard is my kind of human. I will take off one of my many hats for selected pieces in Mxolisi Luke’s wardrobe any day. I am beyond obsessed with his taste in sartorial refinery and even though he wears a three piece suit (and I mean on the daily) like no other, when he flirts with vigorously acclaimed trends; he #WERQs them hardest. In this pic my boy is having a grand fashion moment in an electric blue gear-up he made from scratch –I know, right!? *snarls rhythmically*. Anywhooo, I have a crazy crush on this outfit, especially the fact that he blended in a bit of character by wearing those rose-grey lace-ups with blush pink laces, I mean, otherwise he would have resembled a glinting extraterrestrial backdrop of a Katty Perry and Kanye West music video. This is one of the few perfect examples of how to #WERQ the monochromatic trend and there is absolutely nothing gloomy about these blues.



  1. We love MXO,he is one of the few gentlemen who push the bounderies,especially in Durban where Carvella’s and Dickies are the order of the day!!!

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