If for some unknown reason, you still haven’t reeled out a tambourine and made some seriously advisable noise about CUTTERIER’s triumph, do let me assure you that it is not too late to go insane. laz Yani’s label was deservingly named the winner of this year’s Renault New Talent competition at the #SAFW  and I am beyond proud. I have expressed many a time before that I am quite a stan of his marvellous work and that is purely because he is a thinking designer. It is no doubt that his thirt collection –aptly named The 1994 Collection elevated his brand to new heights. The tie-dye print spearheaded an exciting vibe and hemline options stretched his market space immensely. He explored with in-house engineered bright colours as part of CUTTERIER Winter 2014’s motif, still keeping with his signature drapery… Being a sucker for self-torture that I am, I have since decided to direct every review of the South African Fashion Week in three’s. Ladies and gentlemen, let it be known that this here is a painful exercise as I try my level best to round up only three fab-tastic moments from his winning show. Not an easy feat but I am all kinds of insane for his high-low pieces and the fact that one could style them in infinite ways. GO BEAM!!!


Pics by SDR Photos


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