South African Fashion Week Autum-Winter 2014 MJ AND STUFF Menswear designers

Remember when I wore a light velvet cape on Day 2 of South African Fashion Week, as part of my black-on-black-on-black uniform? Yeah, it turns out it that my little attempt to “pilot” the trend on a street style level boderlined on a childsplay vibe (modest much?). On the very runway; a selection of menswear designers showcased a novel direction to which menfolk should approach an adoption of the trend. I am talking bold, lager than large shoulder lines steering the future into a significant high fashion leeway.




I think if I continue raving about my OBSESSION with Roman Handt’s thrilling headspace, a part of me should just crystallize and stand the test of time #YeahIsiadIt. Every single show of his eradicates my conventional ideology and leaves me wobbling about with a fresh perspective on EVERYTHING!!! His recent Autumn-Winter 2014 collection proved once again, why I believe in unapologetic innovation. I especially developed a strong crush on structured pieces designed to adorn shoulders. The reaction from attendees suggested a very clear look far into the future (tech and all) and I found that in equal parts; Roman Handt celebrated manform from an era before, an era when strength had a resting space atop a man’s shoulder blades.




Paledi Segapo’s design motif for the coming cooler seasons indicated a complete shift from the previous season’s Luxe take. From my understanding, his references echoed tales of an 18th Century vampire legend –hence the moody colour palette, rich fabric textures and so much strength across shoulders. The collection is aptly called “Evil Is A Perception” and I took from it, an age-old symbol of masculine pride post combat. Well, vampires’ vs werewolves in this regard. Male model; Manyano walked the ramp draped in a faux fur shawl atop a panelled velvet suit, signalling a stylish triumph. Now that is a man who wears his pride on his shoulders.




FACT: Sheldon Kopman knows and understands clothes very well.  Recent attestation is all over his A/W 2014 collection for Naked Ape which personified a man of great style in every manner imaginable. His ability to intersect traditional tailoring and street style elements is commendable and keeps marking anticipation boxes, season in and season out. Great precision was clearly considered when producing this collection and I think the brand’s signature BaSotho wrap blanket keeps undergoing innovative upgrades. This season saw the wrap cropped up front with a functioning out-stitched zip-up detail, handsomely folding in the two tonal creation, engulfing one’s shoulders and resulting in a chic global silhouette.

It’s been decided; next season shall be all about manly shoulders.

Photos by SDR excluding the lead



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