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I am a huge follower Anisa Mpungwe’s work. I know I say this almost as much I earrings, but I have been from the very beginning and sometimes I think I tend to go on quite like a vinyl on an oiled needle when I tell tales of how she and I could compile a heap-load of journals about nursing a fashion profession… I mean, since we both started out around the same time. Following the great success of her laudable Loin Cloth And Ashes label, Anisa has recently launched a 24 piece Limited Edition capsule collection with Mr Price for Project -an inspiring collaboration to benefit the Red Cap Foundation and I hung out with her for a bit, to chat about this exciting venture.

Mahlatse James: what went into putting creating this collection?

Anisa Mpungwe:  Fun on multiple levels went into the making of this collection. From the very beginning when I casually suggested the idea to Mr Price’s Amber Jones, to super fun times when I got to hangout with the kids who will benefit from the Red Cap Foundation, all the way to memorable moments when we selected final items that will go into production and then retail. I had all kinds of fun.

MJ: This is your sophomore collection with Mr Price. According to you, how does it differ from your first retail collection subsequent to winning the Elle New Talent in 2008?

AM: I look at this collection and I make sense of the journey; it carries my design signature in parts and owing to the inevitable growth, it is fresh. My first collection for Mr Price’s Project reflected the space and time I was in and so much happened in-between, leading to this range which borrowed aesthetics from Loin Cloth And Ashes’s most recent collection as shown at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town.

MJ: what signatures does this range carry from your Loin Cloth And Ashes brand.

AM:  This is a limited Edition range, so in addition to making sure it remained “rational” at a retail level, I incorporated simplified LCA elements, drawing inspiration from the late eighties street style. Print is a very visible component of the collection and the same goes for boxy sports-luxe cuts among a few more.

MJ: How awesome is the Red Cap Foundation initiative?

AM: It was such a blessing a great honour to get to meet some of the kids who will directly benefit from my affiliation with Mr Price. It reminded me that sometimes, all one needs is an existing hope and by doing our very little, someone out there receives so much more. Since I am a great lover of art, it had so much fun getting to play colour-ins with the kids.

MJ: what do these collaborations mean to you, your brand and what is the way forward?

AM: I am big on family, so best believe that  my relationship with Mr Price is growing stronger and these collaborations are good for many spheres of my brand including reaching a market I probably wouldn’t be able to reach on my own and extending my presence beyond the runway. I am humbled by all of this.

Anisa Mpungwe for Mr Price Pricest at Sandton City Store MJ AND STUFD

The collection is all kinds of fierce with nothing at a cost beyond R200.00 and is available at selected Mr Price sores and online via mrp.com




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