South African Street Sytle MJ AND STUFF

This one goes out to all the people who have always asked (in a snarling tone) whether I will keep on fashioning as I do, many years from now. I want you all to look at this pic and look at it carefully because it is testament to my belief that I will grow with my style and my mission to get better at it. I can’t promise that “MJ 2.0” will forever erect eyebrows but you best believe that every single item of clothing that goes onto my body will always and forever be well thought-out and executed as such. This something of a pledge to great style –just like this lady here in this images I photographed a while back in Durban. I adore that whilst ticking definite style boxes, there is sense of timelessness, comfort and edge in her choices of threads. Nothing about this outfit suggests that she is trying too hard. If anything, she knows her stuff too well to explain it to anyone. This right here is the type of motif I have employed and hope to keep for a very long time.


MJ AND STUFF Street Style


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