Duncan Pape MJ AND STUFF

I am getting such a kick from my #5_WITH pieces where I post my Q&As with industry pioneers and enthusiasts in five-point questions –How much more does one need really!? This week, I am chatting with Cape Town’s darling Duncan Pape whose newest position as Fashion Stylist and Personal Consultant at Langaro Lifestyle Centre is all kinds of exciting.  Check our chat, right here…

MAHLATSE JAMES: From starting out as a Sketch Artist; how has your journey transitioned into your current involvement with Langaro Lifestyle Centre?

DUNCAN PAPE:  the journey has been nothing short of an exciting creative whirlwind. I have learned to seize all inspired opportunities in my direction and to embrace every chance I could gain experience lined with my career path. I studied Fine Art and went on to work as a Sketch Artist earlier in my career. I then moved into the health and skincare industry where I worked for some of the top local brands as a manager and trainer. My profession took a more corporate direction after that and I learned to assist with developing business concepts. Subsequently, I turned my attention to fashion and I worked with some of the finest labels including Errol Arendz among a few. That was followed by a Head stylist position at House of Fashion, working closely with styling The Mother City’s elite. The burning desire for fulfilment and the need to live out a dream led to creating my own company called Style 360 which focused on a multitude of industry specifics including Styling, branding and many other services. My current position at Langaro fits in perfectly with my vision.

MJ: When it comes to trends –fashion, grooming and lifestyle in general, how far does langaro aim to lead the pack?

DP: in addition to realizing a wide gap across the industries, our focus is largely concentrated on premium quality above all else. Langaro Lifestyle Center’s clients are guaranteed the very best of services tailor-made to their requirements. Our approach begins with a back-to-basics mantra where traditionalism will traverse necessary trends and still cater to personal preferences. Educating clients and assisting them in creating the ideal wardrobe for their body types and personal style that is still fresh and current is something I am very passionate about. I believe that Langaro really pushes the limit with regards to client service and makes fashion (and lifestyle in general) so much more accessible and easy to understand for our clients.

Langaro Lifestyle centre MJ AND STUFF

MJ: As an active affiliate of Cape Town’s fashion elite, what is your grooming process?

DP: The first and foremost is to have a healthy active lifestyle. I maintain good eating habits and exercise regularly, looking and feeling good definitely starts within. I go for regular male grooming with my stylist and this include regular manicures and pedicures and I ensure that I follow a proper daily skin care routine and have monthly facials. My personal style is simple and classic, I always focus on the fit and tailoring of the garments I invest in. I always make sure to investigate events before attending – dressing appropriately is essential and that being said; I do like to push the envelope and showcase my creativity by wearing a unique piece with every outfit, like my Lego inspired watch or a quirky bowtie for example. I like to stand out in a crowd but not be overly expressive.


MJ: If you had to pick (just one service for both men and women) from the various Langaro studios, which would be your ultimate “Must-Try Treatment”?

DP: For men I would definitely suggest starting with a Vichy Orange Scrub and then indulge in a wine experience which includes: a relaxing grape wrap and massage followed by a red grape bath and end it off with a Germaine De Cappucini For Men Facial. This is definitely all about pure relaxation and indulgence but has amazing benefits for one’s skin.

For ladies I recommend our Premier Spa Sublime Pearl Therapy. This is an exquisite firming and nourishing facial and body treatment that includes an exfoliation and body wrap with white pearl essence and a facial treatment with black pearls that will helps achieve smooth and radiant and hydrated skin.

Langaro Lifestyle Centre Cape Town MJ AND STUFF

MJ: Are you able to name one well-groomed icon? Somebody who appears as very well put together sans an overworked appearance.

DP: I am quite patriotic; therefore will keep this part very local. My number one choice would be Jon Paul Bolus. Jon is a local Capetonian model and entrepreneur (he owns the Loading Bay in De Waterkant) and he is the epitome of a laid back, cool edge and has a refreshingly original style. He is a well-deserving previous victor of the coveted GQ Best Dressed Men title and I feel that a lot of South African men can benefit from taking lead after his impeccable taste. This also stretches into The Loading Bay which never disappoints with exciting stick that appears trendy yet very fitting as essentials for everyday consumption.

Duncan Pape MJ AND STUFF blog feature

For a one-on-one beauty or fashion consultation with Duncan Pape or to get a full menu of what Langaro Lifestyle Centre has to offer please visit: www.langaro.com



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