Georgia May Jagger Mahlatse James MJ AND STUFF Sunglass Hut

Sunglass Hut hosted a star-studded mother of all VIP parties of the year #YeahISaidIt, to launch some pretty fab sunnies trends for the current summer 2013 –we’ll get into that with a whole new post. Just when we all settled in thought that attendees will be treated to no less that fine class entertainment and blowing well scented air kisses whilst trying out high-end designer stunners, SH took it to up an incalculable notch and announced the evening’s special guest who just jetted in for the do; the brand’s global brand ambassador Georgia May Jagger!! I swear, I thought I heard wrong and was about to question hastily consider aiding my ears. GMJ is #EVERYTHING and so much more, we got to hangout for a bit, giggled and teased like lunch plans were about to be thrown around at any random moment. And of course, I did like I do whenever I am in the presence of model awesomeness; I proposed a pose-off which was captured through the masterful lens of Trevor Stuurman –he too jetted in for the event.

Such an unaffected gal, that Georgia May Jagger!

3 thoughts on “MJ x GMJ…AAAND ROLL FIERCE…

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