Mahlatse James Sunglass Hut MJ AND STUFF

I don’t want to say that I called it a little while ago when I solicited missions to get my very own first white blazer from a total stranger but fact is; if you are not feeling the all white vibe this summer…erm, then you just don’t know things. I dared to don a full white garb with gun-metal separates at the recent Sunglass Hut VIP Party. There is n trick to wearing lilly whites as the festive season nears, you see, there will be end of year functions and an odd looking bloke in a (possibly tan) kaftan and white linen pants –let him be, just don’t partake in any intricate handshake steez. There will also be lady who sadly heard about the softy structured tailored whites with an androgynous appeal and also blindly unaware of the fact that a tennis dress with jersey collars worn with a shawl lapel blazer totally defeats the purpose. Oh, you best believe that there will be painful will try to reincarnate Bianca Jagger’s white YSL suit moment without updating it in any way –those should not even be considered for a high-5.my only bit of advice is this; when daring to wear trendy whites MAKE IT YOUR OWN, whatever the reference. #YeahISaidIt




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