Sunday Sun recently published a pic of me in my newest addition to our (mine and THE SIR’s) sizeable Cult Collective collection –the Cut Off Tee with horizontally printed bones and I have been getting some serious love for integrating it into my festive ready black and gold wardrobe. It is frank of me to can declare that my affair with Cult Collective has long leaped a point of obsession; I simply refuse anything that is not on the same level of awesomeness. As a matter of fact; this is the ONLY Cut Off Tee I have ever owned. The thing is I am pretty finicky and for the longest time I subscribed to exterior opinions of my style so much that I really dismissed the idea to wear any vest with straps or sleeves thicker than my wrists. So, once upon a few years ago I was told by an unnecessarily opinionated high school mate (who may I add thinks it is somehow chic to wear a paisley printed bandana and a net chocker and space lens sunnies in one outfit… go figure) that I am likely to resemble sick figure arms erecting from a pillowcase, whenever I hinted a manifesting crush on the 80’s kick-ass piece. I am totally having a standard #LookAtMeNow moment because when I wore this number, I had to fight all that is in me to not have my tongue sticking out in every picture –Milley style. Now go ahead and sensibly wear whatever it is you want. Who knows, there is a cut for almost everyone out there.  #WearItBecauseYouCan

Mahlatse James Cult Collective bones tee

Mahlatse James South African fashion blogger wearing Cult Collective MJ AND STUFF


Cult Collective Mahlatse James


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