Erato perspex pumps MJ AND STUFF

I have a girlfriend who just won’t wear red shoes, personally, I think it is pretty ridic but who am I to come between a gal and her issues against looking anything like Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz? *throws hands in the air*. Fab fact: shoes always have and always will make perfect Christmas presents –whatever the receiver’s age.  This year I am totally side-eyeing the super awesome local online shopping destination for shoes and bags and more shoes and more bags:  and I immediately thought of my darling dance-floor loving friend when I saw these perfect Perspex Pumps. Now these, she WILL love. Not only do these heels look smoking haute with a blatant duo-texture design, but the bang-on-trend ankle strap detail plays a significant role in shifting the vibe from work to play and back without compromising great style. Ladies and erm, gentlemen who love ladies in good shoes; I think I just might have the ultimate stuffing for this year’s Christmas sock. I give you (and my gal) the Adriana Perspex Pump in scarlet Red.


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