In case you’ve missed it, Niquita Bento has recently been named the Elle Style Reporter in association with Blackberry ® for 2013/14. Serving as the most deserving successor for Trevor Stuurman, she is the newest the newest member on our table -the fashion bloggers’ table and I can almost put some of my designer gear up to bet against anyone who dares to question her future in the industry. I caught up with her to try for a small Q&A and I have rounded up to believe that she has a good head on her shoulder and just like many of us stylopolitans, she truly shares a passion for fashioning hardest. Here goes…

MJ: Let’s get straight into it. What sets you apart from Trevor Stuurman –last year’s winner of the Elle Style Reporter in association with Blackberry®? 

NB: Trevor really set the bar high as the first Elle Style Reporter in association with BlackBerry. I followed his journey throughout the year and it is evident that he grew, fine tuned his work and emerged himself in the ELLE brand. I hope to follow in his steps and maintain these standards. These are big shoes to fill but I’m going to give it my best. My work is different to Trevor’s, my work is grounded in composition and because of my love of architecture I bring this into my shots so my work is definitely layered and strongly conceptual. Like Trevor, I aim to push boundaries.

MJ: Do you look to other bloggers for inspiration or reference points? If so, please do name-drop.

NB: Julie Sarinana from Sincerely Jules. She’s constantly updating her blog and on top of her game, as well as having a clean and well designed layout which I think is really important. She also uses her instagram and social media to keep her readers in the loop and they feed into her online strategy. I think it’s important to have a 360 approach.

MJ: What was your most favourite challenge throughout the contest?

NB: Challenge three was my favourite challenge. We were asked to collaborate with a South African fashion or accessories designer, and be inspired by their journey and tell their story through our work. We had to capture fashion in motion by sharing our chosen designers story and their inspiration. I enjoyed this challenge the most because it pushed us to think further about what we were shooting. Being able to capture the design process of a young fashion designer from idea to reality was a learning experience and an inspiration.

*see the rad pics from the challenge below*

MJ: What do you predict is the future of your blog and what changes are you looking forward to the most? 

NB: My blog will be primarily focusing on fashion in South Africa, as well as internationally. My aim is to portray this in the most aesthetically pleasing way and with a strong point of view. I basically want my blog to be a visual journal of the fashion stories I encounter on my style reporter journey. My focus is to report for ELLE and add value to the ELLE online platform, my own blog will remain a personal take on what happens around me.

MJ: How will you keep your signature whilst trying to maintain the Elle Point of View? 

NB: I believe that my work will always be a reflection of myself and my thinking. I think its very important to always stay true to you and your own personality. This is what makes your work original. I am excited to be mentored by Ed Suter and to learn from the ELLE team and to absorb all there is to learn during my journey. Ultimately, the ELLE footprint is style with substance and that is what I am all about.

Niquita Bento MJ AND STUFF 1

Niwuita Bento MJ AND STUFF 2

Niquita Bento MJ AND STUFF 3

Niquita Bento MJ AND STUFF 4

Niquita Bento MJ AND STUFF 5




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