Mr Price Printed two piece suit MJ AND STUFF

Okay, I really don’t have a solid reason for having used this headline –none at all, so I beg of thee to please overlook my fervent festive mood. The point I am trying to reinforce in this post circles around one of this year’s mega trends (depending on the level at which one engages with fashion of course), donning full body prints. I have to say; Print-on-print-on-print requires major commitment and the likes of Chu Suwannapha make it appear so darn easy whilst the rest of the remaining mere mortals dare deem it a tad “dramatic” –I’m still not sure what that truly means. I am rightfully taking this opportunity to commend a few print stars as captured by yours truly. Note how I am stealthily winking at the matchy-matchy vibe, be it in suits, onesies or carrying coordinated print-mania throughout the outfit.


Anisa Mpungwe wearing her collection for Mr Price MJ AND STUFF

MTV Roxy Burger at SA Fashion Week MJ AND STUFF

House of St Luke on MJ AND STUFF

Digitally printed dress MJ AND STUFF

Printed jumpsuit MJ AND STUFF


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