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Compliments of the new general calendar year! How bizarre is this!? For someone who deals words and threads for a living, I am probably facing my most tricky double-challenge yet. First; I am short for words and secondly, I have not left this couch for the entire first day of the year… bizarre I tell you. As much I can draw the too-hectic-a-life-on-the-fashion-lane card, the honest fact is; I kind of convincingly went hard on the festive holiday vibes. I hungout, chilled and partied like there was a cheque and a rail of one-of-a-kind designer gear on either side of my front door. All this was to celebrate wrapping up a great year that was 2013 and to quote one well-wishing note I got from my PUMA fam; “not quite world domination, but pretty close”. It’s all thanks to you dearest awesome readers… seriously, you guys rock hardest and have played an astoundingly prominent role in shaping certain aspects of the past rad year. If I could, we’d all link up for a young kiki to chat on and on about shoes and bags and belts and hats and stuff. Well, that should be considered a note mailed out to the trusted universe. Right now, I want to tell you just you great you all are as verified by remarkable folk at via their annual blogging report. You see, I can’t really give you exact figures because, erm, my reps wouldn’t like that very much, however, I simply must share the well graded degrees of comparisons and give props where it is rightfully due. Here goes: since the concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people and this blog’s readership literally doubled from last year’s stats; according to WP if MJ AND STUFF was a headlining concert at the famed Opera House. We would be talking about 15 000 SOLD-OUT performances *enter an overwhelmingly euphoric round of applause*. As far as content is concerned; it seems that most of the readers across a reach spreading over 155 countries much prefer posts with a local favour, closely followed by my casual take on fashion at a global standard. For that, please do receive my dependable Hi-5’s. Thank you. Thank you muchly and I pledge to serve no less than some sickeningly fresh and sensible stuff throughout 2014.




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