I have rounded up to believing that me and Hloni Sekwane are probably one person. No, really. Not only do we gulp from the same fountain of style… duh, we often team up and create sickening magic (Exhibit A) and whenever we run to each other on the dance floor; we finish each other’s sentences just before we judge the heck out of strangers who dare not dress up… see, one person. Anyway, I am totally developing all sorts of crushes on these pics I snapped of him at a music festival sometime ago.  There is so much awesomeness in his ensemble; I cannot possibly comprehend Hloni’s direct brainwave at the time. The Xibelani skirt worn over grey straight leg jeans and utility style boots won me first, then there was a fluidly tailored blazer in gunpowder silver atop a printed tee and the whole look wrapped up with giant wooden clip-on earrings with geographic Ndebele print details. I don’t ever say things like “AMAZEBALLS”, but damn it, he is werqing it good. Oh, and how fierce is that burgundy Mutch (Man-Clutch)!?

Hloni Sekwane on MJ AND STUFF



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