Mahlatse James of MJ AND STUFF

OMG, I love malls right now. I am crazily obsessed with all the space in shops (minus overly familiar shop assisting people… they petrify the crap out of me), I appreciate the fact that there seems to be very little chances of tripping over thinly haired child-humans clinching enormous teddy bears whilst vocally competing with deafening neon blinging toys and for the love of me, I can finally get to navigate the food court and experience the ultimate pleasure of gathering a four course meal from three different eateries. Bliss I tell you. *shout out to all the festive holiday clans* I am all about randomly expressing my current affinity for shopping malls so much that I got completely blank-starred sans a blink when I frenziedly yapped to a total stranger inside one of those right-on-the-odd corner accessories huts. It turns out that not everyone is keen to break out in chorus ala the first two seasons of Glee, neither are they crazy about the idea of an indiscriminate flash-mob nor a zealous chat about unpredictability of the much anticipated awards season… who would have thunk it?  Anywaaay, let it be known that I don’t just aimlessly roam around a multitude of badly waxed flooring. No, I am a stylopolitan on a serious mission. I spend hours at end sussing out merch likely to go on the seasonal end of Jan sales –see, smarts go a long way. Thankfully, I have mapped out an enthralling navigation plan for my looming shopping weekend; I know exactly where to go, what to get and size options too. As far as “timing” is concerned, I made sure to include imperative intervals for berry smoothies, enveloped fries, trips to the car and maybe squeeze in a few more fitting room sessions.  See you at the mall later?

mj and stuff Mahlatse James

Mahlatse James in the Mall

Mahlatse James South African Fashion Blogger MJ AND STUFF


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