MJ AND STUFF Mahlatse James PUMA X BWGH R698

Something blue here blows: I have taken a resolution to not side-eye people who just don’t know things. I mean…uhm, it’s a thing, you know? From now on I will try to behave like a grown-ass human that I am and take it upon myself to soberly listen, clear throat whilst I nod and dare not meander into oblivion because when they pause for a breather, I will take my turn to educate. This post is inspired by a recent conversation I unwisely partook in, with a total stranger, just the other day when I was standing in an unnaturally stretched queue for iced coffee. The lady whose name I had to interest to enquire about, authorized herself the right to share with me that she would have worn MY shoes differently. She suggested something called down-the-street-hip-hop swag, #GoFigure. As you can probably expect, not only was I dazed that this human with acrylic nails and French tips gathered up the audacity to shower me with “counsel”, I was more shocked at the fact that it was a random Wednesday afternoon post festive merriments, so my spirit to dress-up for a jolly trip two blocks west of my appartment’s building was running at an annual regular near-low. The kicks in question are my newest PUMA R698 in my number one favourite colour of 2013 –BLUE. Poor thing was probably trying to spark conversation with a tall dark stranger as a way to prance through the wait and I went on-and-on on an edu-fashion rant. I made sure that she knew that the R698 is a remake of the 90’s hit runners and has recently undergone a fresh makeover courtesy of David Obadia and Nelson Hassan of Brooklyn We Go Hard fame. You see, I could have gone further and told her how this exclusive partnership between PUMA and the Parisian street wear label ensured that signature elements of both brands are incorporated. Or even continued to brag about the usages of a multitude of materials like suede, mesh and bouclé knit on the shoe (in range of blue shades and) being a definite ode to the harmony that emerges from paintings by an American artist; Mark Rothko who is renowned for his work in the Colorfield Painting movement –and served as great inspiration to BWGH’s David Obadia creative process. At this time we had managed to draw a mini audience of corner café patrons and I took an opportunity to wrap my rant and recited that the shoe –aptly named the bluefiled is a limited edition release and is just a taste of what will come from the continued collaboration’s AW14 collection. I waited for her enthused rejoin and…erm…nothing. So I spun a little swipe with my blue shoes and marked my resolution done and done.

The R698 retails for R1, 699.

The R698 retails for R1, 699.

PUMA x BWGH Collaboration R698 MJ AND STUFF




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