Hunadi Clothing MJ AND STUFF

I first heard of the new local fashion label, when they took part in the Destiny Magazine/ Skip Fashion Exchange trade, last year. My immediate reaction was a combination of excitement and intrigue because fact is; there are already many womenswear fashion labels based here in Jo’burg (most of which even have a cult-like following #YeahISaidIt) and as if that is not scary enough, they kick some serious ass on the business front too. I don’t particularly make a habit of compiling buoyancy lists on this blog, but I spent a great deal of the second half of 2013 secretly studying Hunadi’s admirable expansion and I think they are on the right track as far as I’m concerned. There is an authentic vibe about the label and a promise not aiming below classical simplicity, optimum quality and familiarity. I commend them for not rushing runway level popularity and understanding that the whole point stretches beyond betting on the applause. If anything, they managed to form such great relations with an actual living and purchasing customer also in similar fashion, embarked on establishing relations with key conductors of hype to suit the brand. I predict that a few seasons in; Hunadi will be set to make steady strides within the local fashion circles, mostly because the brand’s ethos centre at being a one-stop check-in for bespoke designer wear. This might very well rank among the few successful fashion stories of our time. Exciting stuff I say.

MJ AND STUFF Hunadi Clothing

Hunadi womenswear MJ AND STUFF

South African womens fashion MJ AND STUFF HUNADI



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