Mahlatse James Hat Day 2014 MJ AND STUFF

OMG, my mad hatter kinfolk in the transatlantic have been going all kinds of crazy since dawn. Just when I thought my sizeable hat collection is something of an embarrassment, I woke up to a flood of pics from fashion friends in the US of A, bragging about #NationalHatDay. Some of them even going as far as hosting a little hat party. FOMO has me so bad; I won’t even share their images. Instead, I shut my long distance service provider and sat on the fire escape just outside my door with a giant cinnamon latte and passionately day dreamed about my most recent hat game crushes fresh off the menswear runways.

AGI & SAM AW 2014 Photo Credit: Joe Ridout for Dazed and Confused

AGI & SAM AW 2014
Photo Credit: Joe Ridout for Dazed and Confused

There aren’t enough words to explain the way I felt (or reacted) when I first witnessed pure millinery genius as I caught the live stream of Agi & Sam Autumn/ Winter 2014 collection at the #LCM. Fitting in handsomely with the African tribal referenced presentation titled “Watu Nguvu” “People Power” in Swahili, the award winning duo teamed with Yashkathor to created felt hats in a shape I much prefer to call structurally egg-halved. *dear lord, I drop to my knees* this right here is an ultimate fashion hat; it signals a major interest and sticks firm in a minimalist command. Knowing me, I would wear is as beautifully it is and sometimes, probably adorn it with pins, feathers and delicate fabrics ever so often.

Dolce and Gabbana A/W 14 Crown.  Photo Credit: Style.com

Dolce and Gabbana A/W 14 Crown.
Photo Credit: Style.com

FINALLY; a crown I can wear and not give in to an involuntary need to lip-synch late 1980’s disco jams. I have to admit; an uncared-for part of me shot vicious looks to girls when they crowed their heads with all sorts of insignia as we saw the last few seasons. Thankfully Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana looked to the 11th century Normans as reference and included very manly crowns as part of their A/W 14 show.  My obsession with costume jewellery has literally shot up to my head and I look forward to regularly don majestic headwear with almost any and everything.

This whole thing got me thinking; we all have a story about toppers, don’t we? What’s yours?

Do enjoy the National Hat Day if you are in the USA.



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