OMG, OMG, OMG. I’m gonna let you decipher this one and then please #DoTheRightThing I will tell you more about that in a bit. Sooo, the super awesome people at J&B Met *shout out, HEEEEYY* selected me and a couple of other superbly rad bloggers to partake in a challenge around this year’s theme; Made To Conquer. We all had a sweet task of sourcing, styling and photographing a look in and around The Zone in Rosebank using clothing and accessories from selected participating stores in the mall. This was all supposed to be done in less than 72 hours and I stretched the challenge a bit (as I do, thanks to the wobbly bits in my head) and tried doing everything in one day –So much fun. Check these pics and this is where you come in; dearest awesome readers. You see, this cool task is also a competition where the winning blogger will get to bring a +1 to enjoy top notch VIP treatment at the Met with me and I really, truly, absolutely would love to bring THE SIR with me, thus this stylish request that you PLEASE #DoTheRightThing and head on to the land of facebook and read the little narrative and I beg of thee to please click as LIKES many as possible over HERE and right HERE also tell your people to tell their people’s people and let’s get this ball rolling.

Many thanks to my chmotrzelss and the partaking stores for hopping on board with me *shout out*.

Many thanks to my gorgeous chmotrzelss and the partaking stores for hopping on board with me *shout out*.

His outfit: Detailed grey sky blazer, collared printed T-shirt in olive green, teal pants and lace-up brogues –All from Diesel. The all purpose leather and felt shopper bag is by Amanda Laird Cherry at The Space.

Her Outfit: knee-length shift dress with draping panels in a sage shade by Colleen Eitzen. Three metal bangles and two bird cocktail rings by Wabi Sabo from The Space in Rosebank. The platform court heels in washed denim are from Diesel Clothing.


PS: Y’all can come kiki with us at the J&B Met funziements too. all you need to do is hook up available packages on www.saaholidays.com or mail info@saaholidays.com



3 thoughts on “J&B MET 2014 BLOGGERS’ CHALLENGE

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