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Okay, this is going to read a tad odd and somewhat contradictory in parts. First, I am writing a post about top coats in the heart of South African summer. Secondly –the crux of this post really, I think I am split-minds about the whole motif of draping one’s coat over one’s shoulders sans the simple act of just dragging your arms through the jacket sleeves.  To a certain degree, I do believe that the trend is a little passé and that is bluntly because I kind of #WERQed it a lot last year. (Check out the pic from my proudest street style shoot, photographed by @TsholoDaFellow in June 2013). The look –if/when done well, definitely suggests an unquestionable level chic –in an “I simply had to dash a across the street in this drizzle when my assistant tossed this number across my shoulders” kind of way. In the same breath I have seen many interpretations, people flinging on crop-jackets/ appliquéd cardigans and mandarin collared jackets atop outfits that could have #WERQed very well. Even though I sometimes chant with team #ToHellWithSetFashionRules, I have to strongly advice against a draped top coat if you really must have functionality. Rather opt for a cape… if you really, truly, absolutely must!


In these pics I guinea-pigged myself and threw on a tailored blazer on an already layered look and went to a sundownder’s occasion on the inner city rooftop –you see, they just didn’t have coat hangers and a good fortune went into buying this blazer in the first place.  I tell you, it was cute and everything, but I couldn’t really hug people because I feared the possibility of seeing my sheath slowly sinking in open air through multiple floors in slow motion – so I did the air kiss and a wink from a distance thing. As if that was not enough to signal a royal #Ain’tNobodyGotTimeForThat, I put myself through an entire evening of limited contact with almost everything else. No nibbles, no light-ups and no random High-Fives -my hands could only handle a half-full flute (which didn’t make any of these shots) in one and a folded satchel in the other. The thing is, I am not completely damning the trend altogether. No, if anything I am pretty open to #WERQ the trend sometime again… once it makes sense.

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