Couture Collections 2014 Chanel Sneakers

I called it. I called it back in 2011 when I was at Marie Claire and together with Bee Diamondhead we gushed about witnessing Sports Luxe wielding across many #Levels of fashion, one element at a time. I don’t particularly recall a set system around how the trend spread wide–so to speak, but this trend took off in a tide. As you may or may not know (you can’t have missed this); fashion kids, their plus-ones and general cool-kid tribes leaped on the active wear references and hopscotched across everywhere. Seriously; EVERYWHERE. Karl Lagerfeld and his capable team did a fab-tastic job pioneering very clear interpretations of the trend into the otherwise “high and mighty Couture Club” yesterday at the label’s Paris showcase. The collection visibly buzzes with just the right amount of whim, precise tailoring and detailing all the while shifting a bit from Coco Chanel’s preliminary revolutionary cause –well, the latter is quite open to debate but this post is not about that. Back to the Sports-Luxe craze; how #SICKENING is the fresh pairing of dressier outfits with textured sneakers? *shout out Massaro for their custom-made shoe game –totally crushing on them*. I spun on the floor, did back flips, moon-walked across my new glass coffee table and did a two-step electric slide at the sight of those metallic fanny packs –I have been looking for one, for a minute now… (Okay, months really) and since this is a couture SHOW, the Keiser notched it up a few heights by including matching knee and elbow caps. It’s been a whole day now and talks around circles made-up of those in-the-fashion-know, indicates that the Couture Club’s ovation at Sports Luxe confirms an overdue integration between sports and fashion sans compromising great style. OMG, could this be?

Chanel Couture 2014

Fashion Sneakers at the Chanel Couture Show Spring 2014

Sneaks were also seen wonderfully embellished at Christian Dior’s Couture collection too -Bless Raf Simons’ mastery. See pic below.

Dior Sneakers at The Paris Couture Shows 2014

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