“Alfie” moves to Joho…

Sandile Mlambo on MJ AND STUFF

I do believe that by now you have gathered I am something of an incestuous freak in a sense that I kind of make friends in my line of work. Be it through a direct involvement or people who fashion fiercely, I gravitate towards committed stylopolitans. Meet my dearest thread-luvin’ comrade Sandile Mlambo, known as “Alfie” by me and the well clad voices in my head. He is the founder and head designer of his very own successful label based in Durban: Alfalfa. He has since gotten rid of the House in House Of Alfalfa -a smart branding movement I say. Believe me when I suggest that this dude is something of a genius –also because I don’t just throw around designations like that. Not only is he a self-taught designer who actually ripped his clothes as a teen just so he could learn and come to understand pattern make up. He makes almost everything he wears and I have seen Sandile create a gorgeous garment in all of twenty minutes at his studio in the east coast. I do believe I can safely say that his return from a couple of months spent in Italy last year –where he learned from the best in his trade, his star is beaming at optimum radiance. In addition to his remarkable capabilities, I, together with a homogeneous bunch, have to declare that he is not okay in his head and that on its own, warrants him an armrest on my table any day. I anticipate many more awesome moments with this Durban Fashion Fair super star because he has recently moved to Jo’burg for a little while, to take on a principal creative position with a mega fashion brand. I can’t reveal much as yet but IT IS MAJOR! So, if by some sort of a chance, you happen to see him (on the rare breaks when peeps from his machine-like system for a cocktail…or five), dearest Johussleburgers –do give him some love. #K_Thanks_Bye


Oh, and we pose... like, a lot!

Oh, and we pose… like, a lot!

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