Crop Tops by PUMA for ASOS Collaboration collection

Halt: brag-rights alert and this is a crazy shout out to my PUMA fam for their sickest collaboration with ASOS –you know when these two greats come together, a heck load of magic happens. I mean, that ASOS Black x PUMA from last year is still very much creditworthy as far as an evolution of menswear is concerned… #YeahISaidIt. News of the fresh twelve piece collection broke out a little over two weeks ago and we –me and my squad of people who have dedicated their entire lives to nothing if not the very best fashion stuff- have been gushing about the properness that is the crop top game in the range. Don’t get me wrong; the tees, onesie, dresses, skirts, joggers and jackets are all sorts of incredible, but I am for the cropped situation for reasons far beyond the amazing sporty edge (yeah, I’m definitely going through a thing). I love these crop tops so much, if you cover one eye you can sort of see them as this blog’s background this week. The widely hemmed pieces with metallic logomania are very now and I love the diversity in sleeve options too. We’re also all jolly-jumping over the quilted high neckline sweater made out of cotton blend fabrics.

ASOS x PUMA CROP TOPS on MJ AND STUFF You can buy these and the rest of the collection through HERE


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