Mahlatse James South African Blogger

Whenever there is a stranger invited to sit on my table -the bloggers’ table, conversations are likely to commence with a spirited “how exactly do you generate a living from blogging?” yes, many years later, the idea of sustainability through a unique medium still puzzles some people.  Nevertheless, I chose this somewhat novel trade which then means that my responsibilities will include talking about it ad nauseam. These dialogues often happen between premier bloggers and the few unbearably patronizing members of the genetic channels of mass communication because let’s be honest; starting a blog seems fairly easy, yet maintaining a consistently mounting standard does not come natural to everyone, so, exclusive dedication is imperative. Still, nobody understands why they are so mad… Give them tight hugs, I beg. The amount of work required to run a successfull blog is no child’s play. This is why many forge a career out of re-blogging and seldom showcase very little capability to create content –if at all. Let it be known that informed opinions are #EVERYTHING in these parts. To continue this incessant chat, I was featured in today’s copy of The Times Newspaper where I tried to defend the beaming future of blogging as a lucrative career option here in South Africa. Good relationships between bloggers and world renowned brands are a definite proof of this prospect success.  Note that in the same tone, I am in no way chorusing the widespread You Can’t Sit With Us phenomena, if anything I would like to promote that if by some sort of a chance you know of anyone who wants to start a blog (especially a fashion blog) from scratch at this very moment and are willing to commit to it, please extend the knowledge that it WILL be hard to break into the industry but not at all impossible. The market is far from saturating.

*in my little cocoon where I do a lot of blogger things*

*in my little cocoon where I do a lot of blogger things*



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