Markham IN-DYE-GO FALL 2014

A friend of mine sent me a link to Markham’s newly lanched blog –which by the way is very fresh- and became my love at the first click-and-scroll. I could go on lengthily about great stuff on the retailer’s blog but I choose to entertain the undeniable fact that they must be on the same wave length as I am; loving all things blue. If you have been on the menswear store’s facebook page lately, you must know that their current motif is captioned IN-DYE-GO and forecasts various shades of blue as the colour scheme for the coming autumn. It is understandable that you might think I would be a little bias for supporting this stunning direction but the styling options suggested through the moodboards *check images here below* and the physical products are of a variety stretching further than my own sartorial preferences. I love that. So you have it folks finally, blue is the ultimate MUST HAVE colour right now.



options and suggestions

options and suggestionsFF



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