MJ AND STUFF Tailored shorts Mahlatse James

I am kind of doing a shorts thing this summer. I know it’s a bit too far into the season because the rate at which this climate change saga shifts, coats might be in the very sudden future. So after one of my puff room conversations with stylist Melissa Maxted-Henderson, I too decided to definitely experiment with shamelessly exposing a bit more leg. Like maturing fashion siblings, Mel and I slapped full fives and or fist-bumped in between shrieked sentences whenever we gulped out of our champagne flutes as we agreed that we are going to make the best of our mid-to-late twenties by celebrating our (still formed) bodies because the last thing we deserve is the possibility of turning into those clearly ripened humans who are sadly still under the misconception that age is nothing but a number. Seriously; not even a “good” leg game warrants some of the nonsense sartorial choices out there. And I’m the dude who doesn’t believe in adhering to every fashion rule. I am not saying that this is the first time I wear shorts, oh no, I have, this is just more of a mindful exercise to tick boxes before I raisin up.  In these pics, I wore pair of knife pleated roll-ups for a mid-week braai with my family in suburbia –how very fitting.  This black pair is vintage I cannot really remember where I fished it from but I knew I had to inject newity by teaming it with this spell-out tee from Anisa Mpungwe’s limited Edition Collection for Mr Price Project. I also matched the shorts with a tailored waistcoat from Markham which I bedecked with a wooden pin by SilverSpoon. The satchel is from Woolworths, belt and accessories are all vintage excluding the sports watch by Ice Watches and my sunnies are by Giorgio Armani at Sunglass Hut. These kicks are my fave suede-for-summer PUMA MMQ Trinomic and they look sickening with shorts.

Mahlatse James in Tailored Shots on MJ AND STUFF




Do keep on the lookout and if you can; for my expedition. It should be fun.

Tailored shorts MJ AND STUFF Mahlatse James





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