Natasha Moret Street Style MJ AND STUFF

It’s not very often that one gets to almost always hangout with gals who bring their very best threads afore. I cannot, for the love of me make sense of my ordered fortune in this regard but instead of floating in a lot of why me vibes, I’d much rather revel in the fact that I am fashion’s lovechild and my eye is getting better at avoiding rubbish. One of the beautifully clad people in my modest non-fashion circle is the pint-sized @Tasha_Moret who always brings it and she brings it hard. The thing is; the darling Tashette -a nickname bestowed upon her at road trip two years ago, knows that she is of a petite frame and she styles her fashions accordingly. That does not mean that she robs herself off hot trends or classics or sometimes mixing both whilst owning a signature that should categorically be packaged and tutored to budding stylopolitans #TrueStory. In these pics she #WERQs a chic weekend daytime ensemble (oh yeah, she practically lives in the most towering of high heels…even on a Saturday afternoon) and I am crazy in love with the smarts she consulted when putting it together. How jamming is the high-waisted pencil skirt with black and white numerics vs. letters print worn with a basic white vest? Don’t get me started on the printed green and burnt orange jumbo clutch by Maria McCloy and if I had to write a love song about those peep-toe Christian Loubotin platform heels, let’s just say John Legend would need to find another job. I am for that gold cuff too and come rain or shine; these matte and bowl-bottom framed Ray Ban wayfarers will find a spot in my collection. I’m just saying. Here’s to a gorgeous girl and her glorious sense of wear.




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