Google Glass New Update Frames lenses and shades

Remember last year today when I went ape-shit bout the then spanking new fashion technology on the eyewear front? I’m talking about the connected Google Glass eyewear which presented its fashginity on Diane Van Furstenberg’s runway collection at the New York Fashion Week, that other year. God news: the ultramodern invention keeps getting updated for the better and their newest additions include four new titanium frames; bold, curve, split and thin in refreshing colours like Tangerine, sky, shale, charcoal and cotton.YAY –for this level of chic. In addition to being rad items of desire, the creation of these pieces of technological art have also forayed into the prescription lens functionality and as sunglasses too. From what I have gathered so far, Google has a pretty tight grip on the project and they have been running production and management stuff all on the inside (except the rational deal struck with Vision Service Plan –for insurance purposes) and maybe in the future, get to work with an umpire eyewear company to enable potential partners to create their products per Google Glass compatibility. I’m a bit torn though. You see, as much as I find it pretty awesome that the Google Glass can do all these cool things, would I really get a kick out of roaming around with hardware and a screen above my right eye (the weaker of my two)? At the same time, it should be all sorts to cool to not explain my oblivious nature because in actual fact, I would be trying to crack walking directions or shooting live videos or even checking my emails. Well, one fact is certain though, I’m game for this fashion tech.

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