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The past weekend wrapped with it, one of the raddest Kiki to commence the whole year’s social calendar. This year’s J&B Met was without a doubt, more than enough reason to escalate every opportunity to dress up and attendees adhered to the call in quite significant numbers. It was only natural (as natural as a practicing stylopolitan can endure, really) that I too get to join in on the excitement around what to wear and to be frank, the pressure mounted recurrently, right after my styling challenge for The Zone in Rosebank. Understandably, the Made To Conquer theme could come across as pretty open to anything with a successful reference. Well, in practice, dressing victoriously requires such a high level of susceptibility in sartorial decisions and an equal measure of obstinacy to help progress carefully from the possible costume vibe. Armed with this affirmation, I knew that I had to own my look –both in wearing it well and the joy of making sure that every single thing on my body belongs to me and has a chance to be worn in many more interesting ways. Of course my “safe” base started with blue notes but to help avoid a common shape, I fell to specific tailoring like the pen-rolled cigarette leg chinos in washed teal and a collar-less short sleeve jacket with metallic buttons and edging plus a matching Cambridge satchel. Fact: anyone could put together such a look within a Z-shaped snap, so to translate a bit of myself, I related the victory bit from the theme to metal and instead of heading in the heavy armour route, I’d much rather have sparkle in notable capacities hence the sequined shift atop the classic white shirt, the brass cuff and my newest gold bumblebee brooch pinned on the lapis necktie. My multi-textured stunners came to play too and there is almost no way I could have decided on this look sans my Moonbeam PUMA N-EVA Lo.  I never get to dust off my shoulders like an extra in music videos, but if I did, I’m almost certain that my response to every question about the J&B Met 2014 would be ‘DONE-AND-DONE’.

J&B Met 2014 Mahlatse James Style


Mahlatse James blue J&B Met 2014


3 thoughts on “J&B MET 2014: MISSION SUBJUGATED.

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