Karen Walker Eyewear Spring 2014

What do we call a lover of “Funglasses”? A Funglasser, or a Funglasee? Whatever the term, I think by now you must have figured out that I live for nothing if not the balance between collecting character sunglasses and the kind that can allow me a prospect to pull-out a chair in The White House any given day. Yeah, hardcore stylopolitan struggles. Another designer who feeds my eager vessel is the New Zealand-based Karen Walker through her newest and all sorts of incredible campaign for the Spring 2014. The images were photographed by Derek Henderson and he beautifully captured headshots of unquestionably stunning tailors, production managers, cutters and machinists living in Kenya. In these imaginative yet-extremely-authentic shots, the artisans are spotting frames of my dreams in the most attention-grabbing of shapes, colour combinations and size. BTW; nobody really expects any less from Karen Walker. For this spanking new promotion –aptly headlined Visible, the brilliantly talented Karen Walker collaborated with the United Nations’ ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative, creating screen printed pouches to cover the spring ’14 collection of sunglasses with every purchase sold through all 500 stockists across the globe. According to Simone Ciprani of the creditable programme; “everything about this project –which brings forward the positivity, dynamism and beauty of Africa – is in line with what the Ethical Fashion Initiative stands for”. Back to my standpoint; I am a Funglasser… no, wait, I’m a Funglasee. Oh dear, I am totally going bonkers cray-cray over the mastery going on here.

Karen Walker eyewear 2014

eyewear by Karen Walker spring 2014

Karen Walker's spring 2014 eyewear

Spring 2014 eyewear by Karen Walker

Does anybody else feel like saying “Hello Afrika, Tell me how you’re doing”?



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