Maaji Giveaway at EGALITY via MJ AND STUFF

The heart of summer could translate one or two things. One could either sink their heads into shallow chests, building up wardrobes for cooler months or alternatively get the most out of what’s left of the sun. If by some sort of chance you prefer the latter like me (or know a budding mermaid/ merman who does), then the Maaji Mania currently happening at EGALITY is tailor-made for you too. Up for grabs are a selection of Maaji Purses, necklaces and even cover-ups, with every purchase of anything (swimwear, lingerie, men’s, ladies … anything really) from the Colombian brand. This giveaway is only practicable until the coming Sunday, so if you happen to be in Joho, please #DoTheRightthing. Oh, another super awesome bit; EGALITY has now introduced the #MixItMatchItFlipIt idea, which means that all the Maaji Bikini styles are now sold as separates and since they’re also reversible, it makes absolute sense that one exercises the right to buy pieces per heart’s content. Go on ahead and make the rest of the summer amazing.

Maaji swimwear available at EGALITY, MJ AND STUFF


One thought on “MAAJI AT EGALITY… #MixItMatchItFlipIt

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