Geographic Dress MJ AND STUFF

Ooooh, I love it when the fashion cycle nourishes my disparaging cracks. It’s almost as though the universe conspired to teach me a lesson on the stretching value of greatness, or the eminent trickles of trends –in this regard. Y’all know I adored everything about Black Coffee’s spring-summer 2013 collection in it’s geographically appliquéd glory and made-for-runway/ red carpert/ magazine covers shapes. As you can almost certainly make up from these pics; this gorgeous gal’s A-line maxi dress is a perfect example of how the very same pattern sensibly can appear equally stunning sans flirting with multi textures. In its underlying sexiness, the angular black and white print adds an unambiguous dosage of chic at a high fashion level. She could have easily belted her waist to enforce a specific shape but I love that this Stylopolitan confronts a seemingly large print with enough confidence and looks absolutely amazing. *air punch* Ladies and gentlefolks I am not an officially certified soothsayer of fashion and trends but this right here is a certain direction at which we are all going to shop. This is how I suppose it will pen out; I am in no way denouncing the current daisy print craze nor the street style loved Aztec phenomena. If anything, I am suggesting that if by some sort of chance, you, like me happen to be keen to fore-run the fashion lines; do look into the modern-day geographic print; which so happens to be large and in charge in a massive way. With this lady leading the pack, ain’t no way I’m missing that gravy train.

MJ AND STUFF Black and White Dress

South African Street Style MJ AND STUFF



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